The Best of the Rest: My Pick of the Most Under-Appreciated Blogs of 2010

For whatever reason, some of the most useful blogs of the year didn’t get that much attention. Here are my picks for blogs you may want to take a second look at.

Blogs (mostly) for sponsors

How Much Should You Budget for Sponsorship Leverage?

Five Ways Sponsors Abuse the Privilege

New Sponsorship Leverage Trend: Under-Produce

Sponsors: What If You Could Start Over?

My Top Five Priorities for Sponsorship Selection

How Not to be Ambushed

11 Good Reasons to Exit a Sponsorship (and 5 Bad Ones)

Blogs (mostly) for sponsorship seekers

What Should a Sponsee Include in a Year-End ROI Report?

Sponsorship Lie #212: “There’s Still Time!”

Non-Profits, Watch Your (Sponsorship) Language!

How Much Should You Pay a Sponsorship Broker?

The First Sponsor Meeting (And How Not to Make an Idiot of Yourself)

Have your say!

Have I missed any? Out of the almost 150 blogs on this site, are there any that really helped you? Changed the way you think about sponsorship? From any year?? Please, tell me about it in the comments!

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