Sponsorship Listing Services

In addition to providing a broker registry, we are providing links to a few sponsorship listing services.

Because we are focused on best practice sponsorship, and because it is so easily to use these services badly, we strongly suggest you read this blog: How to Use a Sponsorship Listing Service.



SponsorPitch.com, started in 2009, is a professional network for the sponsorship industry helping 10,000+ members research, share actionable ideas and more productively work with their peers.



SponsorPark is a web-based platform for connecting sponsors to sponsorship opportunities.  SponsorPark offers several sponsorship tools and strategies for brands, who utilize SponsorPark.com as part of their overall service options that allow properties to garner wider exposure and support efficient partnership sourcing.

Get listed!

Are you a broker? Would you like to be included in this list? If you run a sponsorship listing site, please email us on admin@powersponsorship.com with the URL and any background information. We list only sites that primarily list sponsorship opportunities and reserve the right not to accept a suggested listing from any individual or company.