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How to Save a Sponsorship in 5 Minutes

A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog showing sponsors how to “do a MacGyver” on their underperforming sponsorships, improving their investments fast. There is no real substitute for developing and implementing great leverage strategy, but let’s face it, that doesn’t always happen. Like those MacGyver sponsorships, sponsees on renewal often have to save a sponsorship quickly and in less than ideal circumstances. And again, the best option is for a sponsee to create and implement a great sponsor servicing plan, to avoid these surprise exits. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. So, in the same spirit of last-ditch optimism, here are some tips on how to rescue a sponsorship in five minutes. Shine a light […] Read More

4 Warning Signs that a Sponsor is Planning to Exit

Have you ever been blindsided by a sponsor exiting? Thought a renewal was a sure thing, or at least a strong probability, only to get a “no”? There were probably signs along the way, but as much as sponsorship seekers read a myriad of motivations and probabilities into every stage of the initial sales and negotiation process, they don’t read between the lines when coming up to a renewal. Honestly, I don’t think most sponsors are trying to keep their partners in the dark, but no one likes to break bad news, and sponsors are no exception. Sometimes, they will drop hints, instead, hoping that gets them off the hook for addressing it directly until […] Read More

Can Sponsors Help Teams Sell Tickets?

That was the question I had to address at a conference last week. My opinion? Of course sponsors can help teams sell tickets! Great sponsors are not only adding value to the event experience, but they’re engendering advocacy for that experience – both critical factors for developing and growing an audience. That said, I think most teams who want to go down this track are setting themselves up for failure. There are three key reasons: Teams have a tradition of selling out their audience Let’s be honest here. More often than not, teams are happy to put a price tag on all manner of intrusive, disrespectful sponsorship “benefits”. You want to scream at our fans […] Read More

How Bad Apples are Hurting Cause Sponsorship

In recent months, several people have asked when I’m doing my next pro bono training program for charities. The answer is, I’m not… at least not anytime in the foreseeable future. Over the years, I’ve done a half-dozen or so really big sponsorship training programs for charitable organisations. Unfortunately, my experience with doing them has been less than satisfying. It’s also been enlightening, as the very thing that was causing me so much frustration is why those same organisations struggle to get (or keep) sponsorship: Entitlement. A few years ago, I did the 100 Charities Project. I offered two people from each of 100 charities in Australia and New Zealand the opportunity to attend a […] Read More

Beyond the “Sponsor Summit”: The Next Wave in Sponsorship Servicing

When I first got into the business, sponsorship servicing was limited to delivering the contracted benefits and possible buying lunch or inviting a sponsor to the sky box, with maybe a fruit basket during the holidays. A decade or so ago found the advent of the “sponsor summit”, and that’s been ticking away as the pinnacle of sponsor servicing ever since. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of getting sponsors together and doing something productive, but given that sponsor summits tend to be one long, boring presentation after another, punctuated by a couple of long, messy nights on the grog, I’m not sure this qualifies. Seriously, do you really need to fly all […] Read More

How to Ensure a Sponsor’s Name is Covered in Media

I routinely see this question in my inbox and around social media. A property has sold naming rights sponsorship, but media keeps dropping it from coverage, resulting in a sponsor that doesn’t think they’ve got what they paid for. Yes, there are some tricks to getting the name covered, like making it part of the name – The Ford Open, instead of The Ford Houston Open. Unfortunately, that misses the point – improving media pickup, but providing little strategic impact. Sponsors take up naming rights for two main reasons: It gives them the most extensive marketing platform of any sponsor – the most and best benefits, the most exclusivity – that will allow them to […] Read More

Call in the Coach: How Do We Drop a Sponsor We Don’t Want Anymore?

Almost a decade ago, when our event was brand new, we really struggled for sponsorship. One sponsor really stepped in with some much-needed cash. The problem is that we are now doing well and have grown a lot – in size, revenues, and sophistication – but this original sponsor hasn’t grown with us. They are now one of our smaller sponsors, never leverage, and keep exercising their right of first refusal, which includes category exclusivity. We could get a lot more money and find a much better sponsor in this category if they were gone. We have had two of enquiries from their competitors in the past couple of years. How do we get rid […] Read More