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The Enemy of Effective Sponsorship Measurement

I’ve written at length about sponsorship measurement. I’ve written books, blogs, and even did a video tutorial. But I’ve never really addressed why sponsorship measurement so often and persistently goes awry. It’s a little concept called “confirmation bias”. “Confirmation bias” is the tendency for people to seek out and interpret research in a way that confirms that either what they already believe is true, or what they hope is true. For more, check out “confirmation bias” on Wikipedia. There are a number of reasons why someone who knows better would rather have ineffective measures that show success, than effective measures that might not: “Measurement” of an investment that had no set objectives or benchmarks (because you […] Read More

Why Be a Sponsor?

That’s a good question, and one I get more than you would think. Over the past few years, sponsors all over the world have looked at the limited returns they were getting from old-school sponsorship and realising that things had to change. Many saw the light and have made big changes to best practice sponsorship, and are now reaping the benefits. Some have realised that change is inevitable, but have put it in the too-hard basket, relegating their results to ho-hum (at best) until they pull their fingers out and do something about it. And some don’t see the benefits of best practice at all. Instead, they have consigned all sponsorship to the category of […] Read More

11 Sponsorship Mantras to Keep Your Team on Track

Doing sponsorship training is one of my favourite parts of this job. And even though my training is meant to change the way people do sponsorship, it still stuns me when – years after just a day or two of training – people tell me that what they learned “changed everything”. They often go on to recite some specific mantra they and their team have adopted that has guided their sponsorships ever since. This has happened three times in the past eight days and would happen several times a month, at least. I thought it might be useful compiling some of those mantras that people quote back to me over and over; the ones that […] Read More

4 Minor Changes That Could Create Major Improvements in Your Sponsorship Results

As we near the end of the year, many of us are deep into planning for 2013. Unfortunately, many sponsors simply pull out last year’s plans, update a few figures, and do the same thing again and again. If your sponsorship program hasn’t had any radical updates in the past few years, it’s probably time to shake things up. For some companies, however, “radical” changes aren’t part of the corporate culture. In that case, implementing a few simple alterations in the planning process – changes that will seem relatively innocuous – could create much better results and set in motion the mindset for much bigger changes in future. Stop winner-takes-all contests If you’re doing promotions […] Read More

How to Shift a Sponsor’s Mindset on Measurement

I recently referenced a major Australian sporting organisation in an opinion piece in The Australian newspaper. My comments were about how they were promoting their recent hire of a company that “measures sponsorship 24/7” – basically using software to register logo exposure and put a value on it. My opinion is very firmly in the category of “Wow, that is old school”. Their response was more or less that they had contracted to provide that information to their sponsors and that it formed an important part of the sponsorship assessment. My response to their response is, “Wow, that is old school.” The problem is that the situation of sponsors expecting that kind of report is […] Read More

Sponsee Research that Really Benefits the Sponsors

“Can you name any of the sponsors of this event?” If that question is never asked again, our industry would be better for it. It’s nothing but a leading memory test that has nothing to do with the changes in perceptions and behaviours that a sponsor needs to see. And yet, many sponsorship seekers – and, let’s face it, sponsors – let this masquerade as sponsorship measurement. Before another sponsee constructs some lame-arse questionnaire that benefits no one, everyone involved needs to understand the kind of information that will really benefit a sponsor. What a sponsee can’t do Sponsees can’t measure sponsorship results for the sponsor. The objectives are the sponsor’s, the benchmarks are the […] Read More

5 Things Your Sponsorship Consultant Won’t Tell You

In the past few months, I’ve had a string of consulting jobs where I’ve been the second consultant hired in less than a year. Either the clients didn’t think they got the best advice or, upon implementation, they realised that the advice provided really wasn’t going to get them where they needed to go. In every case, when they give me a copy of the strategic advice the former consultant provided, I immediately saw the problem: The consultant had either told them what they wanted to hear, or they had tailored their advice for maximum follow-on implementation revenues. My job ended up being about telling the sponsor what they really should have been told in […] Read More

Olympic Ambush Analysis – Part 2: Olympic Sponsor Awareness Surveys

Every four years, the Summer Olympics roll around, and with it, meaningless sponsor awareness surveys. Media love to sensationalise this frivolity, calling sponsor who appear on the list “winners”, while sponsors that don’t are “underachievers”. Then, of course, there are the non-sponsors who show up on the list, who are roundly referred to as “ambushers” (cue disparaging looks and finger-wagging). In reality, those lists mean absolutely nothing. First off, there are myriad reasons why a company might end up on one of these “can you name the sponsors of the Olympics” (or similar) lists – or not – and many of those reasons have nothing to do with actual performance. Why a brand might end […] Read More

What is the Role of a Corporate Sponsorship Manager?

I’ve written blog after blog after article after book about the collaborative nature of sponsorship; how it requires both broad buy-in and a commitment to leverage from a range of stakeholders; and that brand managers are generally the ones who approve sponsorship spend. So, if sponsorship decisions and leverage are being spread across various decision-makers, do we still need sponsorship managers? To that, I answer an emphatic “yes”. They fill a number of critical roles to doing sponsorship truly well. Gatekeeper Let’s face it. Being a gatekeeper is a big part of most sponsorship managers’ jobs – somebody has to sift through the hundreds or thousands of proposals your company receives every month. The thing […] Read More

The Boogie Nights Guide to Sponsorship – Part 1

I’ve written well over 200 blogs and way too many columns and articles to count, and it never ceases to amaze me some of the odd places I find inspiration. So, last night I was watching Boogie Nights, a wickedly good movie about the porn industry in the 70s, and was once again inspired. So here you go… lessons corporate sponsors can learn from the movies, starting with Boogie Nights. For lessons for sponsorship seekers, check out Part 2. From Boogie Nights: Big is good, but only if you have the wherewithal to make the most of it A big sponsorship provides a huge platform for your brand, but it’s not going to deliver on […] Read More