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Sponsorship conference vs sponsorship workshop: Which is right for you?

Here we are. It’s conference season once again. Add to that a number of credible and not-so-credible sponsorship workshops on offer, and we soon get into the territory of too many choices. That is especially true if you only have the budget and/or time for one big professional opportunity this year. I am often asked whether it’s better to attend a conference or a workshop, to which my answer is always a definitive “it depends”. That’s not a cop-out. It really does depend on what you are looking for, because despite the fact that workshops and conferences fall under the same, broad umbrella of “training”, they couldn’t be more different. I do both – give […] Read More

Scary economy dos and don’ts for sponsorship seekers

Equal time for sponsorship seekers! Here are some quick scary economy dos and don’ts. Scary economy dos Do take the opportunity to reinvent – You have never had a better time (or better excuse) to work with your sponsors to reinvent their investments so they get a stronger result. Do stay flexible – If a different set of benefits will help your sponsors get a better result, be prepared to swap them out. Do stay positive – Sponsors are still going to be investing sponsorship, but they are likely to be more careful about it. This is your big opportunity to reinvent your own approach to developing offers, making them stand out from the crowd […] Read More

The thug, the delusional sponsor, and how not to handle controversy (Updated 27 April 09)

I’ve been doing this a long time – around 24 years in all. I’ve seen good sponsors, great sponsors, old school sponsors, naïve sponsors, and lazy sponsors, but this was a new one on me: The delusional sponsor. Okay, here’s the set up… About a month ago, Greg Bird, a star player for one of Sydney’s Rugby League teams, the Cronulla Sharks, was arrested for allegedly “glassing” his American girlfriend’s face, leaving her with a fractured eye socket. He has been charged with maliciously inflicting grievous bodily harm. While his girlfriend was still in hospital, he was apparently busy telling police that his best friend had done it. His affronted – and I’m assuming “former” […] Read More