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Bidding on Sponsorship? A Very Bad Idea

I have a confession. I love eBay. Most recent score: Outdoor couch for about 75% off. Yay! The thing is, I knew what I was getting. I had checked out the same style of couch in a shop, and the manufacturer would have made thousands of them, so one was as good as the other. It was a commodity – a lovely, comfy commodity – and the perfect thing to auction. Which brings me to a terrible thing to auction: Sponsorship. When the first announcement for one of the new sponsorship bidding websites hit my inbox, my gut reaction was a big, fat “uh oh”. After decades of diligent work, shifting sponsorship away from being […] Read More

Where Have All the Sponsorship Brokers Gone?

I get more queries about brokering than everything else put together. For those unfamiliar with the term, brokering is selling sponsorship primarily on commission. People want to know if I’ll broker for them. (The answer is no, I’m not a broker.) People want to know if I know any brokers that will take on the challenge. Many, many of them have been trying to find a broker for some time, without any success. Part of the problem is that the properties they are trying to sell just aren’t big enough, or sexy enough, to attract a broker. Honestly, nobody reputable is going to hit up their rolodex and work their bums off for $1000, or […] Read More

And Now for the Bad News… All of It… In One Place

I hate telling people bad news. I especially hate giving bad news to earnest, well-meaning sponsorship seekers who have no idea what they’re doing. For so many of them, the sponsorship they want is the difference between an event happening or not, making money or not, keeping their job or not. Every single day, my inbox is full of emails from perfectly lovely, completely misguided novices. On one hand, I am humbled that so many people want my advice, and I’m really happy to help, if I can. On the other hand, so much of what they are asking is completely unrealistic and/or counterproductive that any honest response is not going to be what many […] Read More

Beware of Sponsorship “Broker” Scams

I received a rather alarming email this week. It was from someone who was the victim of what I can only call a scam from someone purporting to be a sponsorship broker. Upon further investigation, it looks like a lot of people have been burned by this person. This is the first I’ve heard of something like this, and I can only hope this “broker” is the only one out there operating in this manner, but something tells me there could be more. This is the set-up: A sponsorship “broker” claims that if you pay a few hundred or a few thousand dollars, s/he will guarantee sponsorship for your property of at least $X. You […] Read More

Video Tutorial: Sponsorship Proposal Basics in About 10 Minutes

By very, very popular demand, I’ve created a ten-minute tutorial about how to create a sponsorship proposal that will make your offer stand out, increase your value to potential sponsors, and dramatically shorten your odds for a “yes”. This is actually tutorial #3 for the Power Sponsorship YouTube Channel. Check it out for: Sponsorship Proposal Basics in About 10 Minutes Ambush Marketing Basics in About 10 Minutes Sponsorship Measurement Basics in About 10 Minutes (Noticing a theme, here?) I hope you enjoy them all. To kick you off, here is Sponsorship Proposal Basics in About 10 Minutes.

How Much Should You Pay a Sponsorship Broker?

In recent days, I’ve been involved in a number of discussions where broker commissions have come up. The most common two questions I get are: What should the commission percentage be? Can I pay commission only? These questions are fair enough, and probably smart to ask before you start talking to brokers. So, here goes… Commission level Commissions for brokers vary a lot, and can range anything from 10-35%. On rare occasions, I’ve even heard of commissions going as high as 50% to kick-start the sales process. I have been asked if that commission level varies if the sponsorship seeker is a non-profit. The answer to that is “no”, the organisation category does not have […] Read More

How Do I Get Sponsorship for My Event?

One very big, but very general question has been popping up a lot on some of the discussion boards I monitor. The general gist is: “How do I get sponsorship for my event?” I could write a book answering that question! Oh yeah, I already have! As you can imagine, the discussion boards are full of advice, but for the most part, that advice misses the most important thing a sponsorship seeker can do to maximise their sponsorship success and revenue. I strongly believe that every sponsorship proposal should… Be focused on the sponsor’s needs, not your needs Be totally customised to those needs Provide multiple, creative ideas for sponsor leverage Have a creative benefits […] Read More

Sponsorship White Papers Updated and Upgraded!

After hundreds of thousands of downloads, I thought it was high time to give my white papers a format that is as professional and well thought-out as I hope the content is. While I was at it, I also did some updates and revisions. Want to have a look? The download links are below. All are in PDF form and most are around 250kb. “Last Generation Sponsorship” is around 1mb, as it has a lot of diagrams. You are welcome to share these documents around, but please do not link directly to the PDF download (called “deep linking”) without my permission. You are more than welcome to link to this blog or our Sponsorship Articles […] Read More

How to Hire a Sponsorship Broker

…What you want is someone who will represent your event to its absolute best, to shorten the odds for a sale, to get you bigger and better sponsors than you have the time or skill to get on your own. What you don’t want is someone who has a great contacts list, but skills that are 20 years out of date; someone who doesn’t know the difference between a strategic game and a numbers game….