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Should We Hire a Sponsorship Valuation Service?

Seeking sponsorship is hard. Even if you do it perfectly, you’ll still hear “no” more than “yes”, and if your skills are less than best practice, you’re probably not hearing “yes” very often. If you’re struggling, you probably want some way to demonstrate what great value for money you’re going to provide. That’s when some of you consider hiring a valuation service. These are consultants that use some methodology or another to put a price tag on what you offer, and at first glance, this can seem like a great idea. You can point to the valuation and tell sponsors, “We’re offering $120,000 in benefits for only $80,000!” If only it worked that way. Seriously, I […] Read More

How Not to Sell Sponsorship: A Guide for Charities

Organisations with charitable status often have enormous commercial potential, but more often than not, that potential goes unrealised. Instead, most charitable organisations make one big mistake after another, with the result being sponsorship income that is a fraction of what it could be. So, I’m going to go through some of the biggest mistakes made by organisations with charitable status. If you see your approach in any of this, please consider this a wake-up call, because sponsorship for you will get nothing but tougher and less fruitful for as long as you do any of these things. Appealing to their compassion Sponsors know that there are hundreds of thousands of charitable organisations that would welcome […] Read More

Why Having a Strong Marketing Plan is Critical for Sponsorship Seeking Success

I can hear you. You’re asking yourself what a marketing plan has to do with sponsorship sales. And I’m here to tell you that it has everything to do with sponsorship sales. A strong marketing plan is the foundation upon which you can build your sponsorship success, and the raw materials to make you more effective and efficient, to create real differentiation with sponsors, and to demonstrate your professionalism. More specifically… You will be better able to target the right sponsors Most sponsorship hit lists are created by one of two processes: But if you have a strong marketing plan, two of the most important components will be your brand architecture and your target market […] Read More

The Zero Guilt Trip Guide to Raising More Cultural Sponsorship

I came across an article entitled, “Sponsorship is Dead! Long Live Corporate Cultural Responsibility” a couple of months ago. It’s a massive disservice to cultural sponsorship, and it irritated me that much that it’s taken me until now to compose myself enough to blog about it. According to this article, cultural sponsorship is about “publicity, the over-simplistic marketing principle that underlies any sponsorship agreement”, which it’s 100% not. It then goes on to contend that the sponsorship market is shrinking, which it’s also not. Then there’s this bit about how if companies support something that is trustworthy (the arts), people will see the company as more trustworthy. Given that image transfer – the idea that an organisation […] Read More

5 Sponsorship Negotiation Mistakes that Hurt Your Bottom Line (and Make You Look Dumb)

You’ve got a sponsor interested in your property. You must have done a few things right, and congratulations for that. Unfortunately, “interested” does not equal “contract”, and the path from one to the other can be anything but a straight line. It’s pretty typical that there is a bit of back and forth. Can we do this? Can you offer that? On and on. You just keep beavering through it until you’ve got a deal you can both live with and then formalise it. There are, however, a few mistakes you can make that can make you look like you really don’t know what you’re doing, and others that will undermine your financial success. These […] Read More

Struggling to Sell Sponsorship? Stop Blaming the Economy!

I’ve just come off the back of a set of workshops where a number of sponsorship seekers were complaining about the lack of sponsorship available in the marketplace. Opinion seemed to be split between whether that was because sponsorship hasn’t recovered since the Global Financial Crisis eight years ago, or whether it’s because sponsors are only interested in “big sport”. While I understand the desire to want to find a scapegoat, neither of these is in any way true. If you’re struggling to sell sponsorship, you need to stop blaming the economy and stop blaming sponsors for your lack of success. Sponsors are investing a lot of money in sponsorship of all kinds, they’re just […] Read More

Do You Really Need a Sponsorship Policy?

Sponsorship is an exciting, vibrant, creative, and ever-changing industry. We’re lucky to be a part of it. But like all jobs, there are parts that are definitely less sexy than others. Right at the bottom of that list is creating a sponsorship policy. But just because it’s one of the least sexy parts of this job doesn’t mean it’s optional, because whether you’re a sponsor or a sponsorship seeker, a strong policy is like a giant, sponsorship safety net that will make your life and your job much easier. Policy vs strategy You need both a sponsorship strategy and a sponsorship policy. Many organisations on both sides of the equation try to wedge both of […] Read More

How Long Should You Follow Up on a Sponsorship Proposal?

This is a pretty common question in my inbox, with many sponsorship seekers telling me that they’ve left “literally dozens” of voicemails or had been following up on a proposal for months. Clearly, it’s time to address this subject, as so many people appear to be getting it wrong. First off, I am all for following up. Sponsors are busy and get lots of approaches, and it is both the prudent and professional thing to do. What I’m not in favour of is overdoing it. Following up too much, or for too long, doesn’t make you look committed and pro-active. It makes you look unprofessional and desperate, and neither is how you want a sponsor […] Read More

The New Swear Words of Sponsorship: Sponsee Edition

Years ago – like, seriously, twenty years ago – I did a presentation at a major conference where I called “exposure” and “awareness” the two swear words of sponsorship. After that, I used it in a few workshops and some writing, but somehow the concept stuck. Even now, I still have people quoting it back to me as a concept that changed their approach way back when. I’m very happy that, aside from some idiot logo-counting “measurement” agencies, our industry appears to have moved a long, long way past considering exposure and awareness as an important factor in sponsorship results. Yay! The downside? We now have a few new swear words of sponsorship. This particular raft […] Read More

What Should a Sponsee Include in a Year-End ROI Report?

Nothing. Measuring sponsorship is not your job. The only organisation that can measure the returns against a sponsor’s objectives is the sponsor. When a sponsor invests in sponsorship, they are investing in opportunity, not results. It is the sponsor’s leverage program that provides the results against their objectives. In effect, the sponsor isn’t measuring what they buy from you, but their leverage program. You are simply not best placed to measure the sponsor’s returns, against the sponsor’s objectives, from the sponsor’s benchmarks! As a property, the only two things you can realistically report to a sponsor are: Whether you delivered all of the benefits you promised. Sheer mechanisms, like exposure, website clicks, etc and whether […] Read More