53+ Sponsorship Leverage Resources for Corporate Sponsors (Updated)

Marketing and strategyI love sponsorship leverage (aka, sponsorship activation) and write about it a lot. In this blog, I’ve tried to pick the most important of the 50-odd leverage blogs on this site. It’s probably 60-90 minutes of reading and viewing, but you’ll probably also have a few pages of notes and ideas.

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Recommended sponsorship leverage blogs

For Outstanding Sponsorship, Minimise Analysis and Focus on Process

For Maximum Impact, Forget the Event, Concentrate on the Event Experience

How Much Should You Budget for Sponsorship Leverage?

How to Structure a Sponsorship Portfolio

The Most and Least Powerful Sponsorship Benefits

Sponsorship Leverage Trick: The Aerosmith Technique

It’s Not the Size of the Sponsorship, It’s What You Do with It

Sponsorship Benefits Every Sponsor Should Want

Favourite Sponsorship Leverage Hack: Don’t Sponsor the Property, Sponsor the Fans

Sponsorship Lie #243: We’re Engaged!

Favourite Sponsorship Leverage Trick: The Invisible Brand

New Sponsorship Leverage Trend: Under-Produce

The Captain Kirk Guide to Breaking Sponsorship Rules

How to Do a MacGyver on Your Sponsorships

Sponsors: What If You Could Start Over?

5 Warning Signs Your Sponsorship Has Passed Its Use-By Date

The Evil Genius Guide to Ambushing Your Own Sponsorship

K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple, Sponsors

How to Create Sponsorship Vision When Your Company Has a Pole Up Its Bum

Five Ways Sponsors Abuse the Privilege

Sponsors, Don’t Pin Your Success on the Tragics

Asking the Wrong Questions: Sponsorship by the Numbers

Is It Ever Okay to Invest in Sponsorship for Defensive Reasons?

The New Swear Words of Sponsorship: Sponsor Edition

Sponsorship and Social Media: Getting It Right

Sponsees Charging Leverage Fees? It’s All Smoke and Mirrors!

Five Reasons Sponsors Should Consider an Umbrella Portfolio

How to Right-Size Your Sponsorship Leverage Activities

Yes, Virginia… People Do Know Sponsorship is a Commercial Arrangement

Why “Proud Sponsor Of” Is the Most Worthless Phrase in Sponsorship

Brand Managers Take Heed: Brand Story vs Customer Story

Death to Beige Sponsorship!

Sponsor Speeches: How to Alienate Your Target Market in One Easy Step

Why Be a Sponsor?

How to Make the Most of Athlete or Other Celebrity Appearances

How Not to be Ambushed

Sponsor Alert: Sponsorship Seekers are Now Stealing Your Leverage Ideas

Pet Peeve #228: Disrespectful Sponsorship

4 Minor Changes that could Create Major Improvements in Your Sponsorship Results

The Myth of “Sponsorship Objectives” and Why Sponsorship is like Sculpture

If You Can’t Explain Sponsorship to Your Grandma, You’ve Got It All Wrong

Blogs that are related to leverage (and still worth a look)

Fear Factor: Five Reasons Sponsors Resist Change

Four Other Reasons You Might Need a Sponsorship Consultant

How to Hire a Corporate Sponsorship Consultant

How to Get Internal Buy-In for a Diamond-in-the-Rough Sponsorship

What is the Greatest Sponsorship Innovation of Modern Times?

Corporate Sponsorship SAQ (Should-Ask Questions)

Newspaper Blurring Logos in Sports Photos: The Silver Lining

What is the Role of a Corporate Sponsorship Manager?

My Answer to the Sponsorship Management Software Dilemma

White papers

Last Generation Sponsorship – Downloaded over 850,000 times!

What Every CMO Needs to Know about Sponsorship


The Corporate Sponsorship Toolkit

This is my new book for corporate and government sponsors, and anyone who wants to understand that side of the business. Forewords by industry heavy-hitters, JW Cannon and Rob Fleming. Available in paperback, Kindle, and on iTunes.

Video resources

Ambush Marketing Basics in About 10 Minutes

Yeah, I know… ambush and leverage are not the same things. But they are strongly related, and for the ten minutes you’ll spend watching this video, I bet you’ll learn some techniques that will improve your results and protect your investments.

Power Sponsorship assistance

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I’m in Australia, but work with clients on six continents. I look forward to hearing from you!

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