2019 Sponsorship Workshops in Australia & New Zealand

Power Sponsorship Workshops 2019 brochureMeaning is sponsorship’s superpower

Meaning – to brands, customers, fans, and communities – is what makes sponsorship the most powerful marketing media there is, and knowing how to harness that meaning is the difference between amazing sponsorship results and disappointment.

Industry leader and bestselling author, Kim Skildum-Reid, will teach both sponsors and sponsorship seekers how to use the trends, tech, and passion that make sponsorship so powerful, distilling all of the key skills and strategies into an achievable process.

For 2019, workshops will be held in the following cities:

  • Christchurch – 1-2 July for sponsorship seekers, 3 July for sponsors
  • Melbourne – 16-17 July for sponsorship seekers, 18 July for sponsors

Interested? You’ve got a few options:

What will you learn?

These are very comprehensive workshops, featuring the cutting edge approach, many case studies and live examples, individual, group, and small group exercises, and ample time to address your questions. We’re offering a one-day workshop for sponsors and a two-day workshop for sponsorship seekers.

Sponsors, learn to…

  • Harness the approach, angles, and ideas that will drive your results and reduce your budget
  • Re-engineer underperforming sponsorships
  • Integrate extreme customisation, big data, augmented reality, and other cutting-edge tech
  • Increase internal buy-in
  • Get huge results from smaller investments
  • Structure your portfolio for maximum power and efficiency
  • Measure and communicate your real results

Sponsorship seekers, learn to…

  • Structure your offers so they are worth far more money
  • Create a proposal that makes it easy for a sponsor to say “yes”
  • Target new potential sponsors and sponsor categories
  • Identify high-value benefits that are easy and cheap to deliver
  • Significantly upsell current sponsors
  • Sell sponsorship on a short lead-time
  • Navigate sponsor politics to your advantage

Coaching, books, and support

Every registered participant will receive one complimentary, formal coaching session with Kim Skildum-Reid, to be used within twelve months after your workshop. This is an AU $770 value. Put Kim to work on your toughest challenges!

Just have a quick question? Workshop participants are always welcome to drop Kim a line for a quick chat and some off-the-cuff advice.

Participants in Getting to “Yes” will receive a copy of the fourth edition of industry bestseller, The Sponsorship Seeker’s Toolkit. Participants in the Corporate Sponsorship Masterclass will receive a copy of Kim’s bestseller for sponsors, The Corporate Sponsorship Toolkit. The second edition of The Corporate Sponsorship Toolkit is due out later in the year, and all participants will receive an ebook version (Kindle or iTunes) of the new edition, as soon as it is released.

All participants will receive additional follow-up materials and recommended reading.

Ready to register online?

Just choose your workshop(s) from the list below, and you’ll be taken to the workshop on our new registration partner, Eventzilla. There are many upsides to using Eventzilla. The downside is that if you’re registering for both workshops in your city, it will be two separate transactions.

If you have any issues registering with Eventzilla, please let us know. This is our first go-round with this platform, so would appreciate a heads’ up if something isn’t working right.

If you’d prefer to register offline, please download the sponsorship workshop brochure and use the registration form on the back page.


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