25+ Proposal Development Resources for Sponsorship Seekers (Updated)

Carrot on a stickBefore you can even think of making a sale to a sponsor, you need to develop an offer and a proposal that is compelling – that meets their needs, showcases your partnership orientation, and stands out from the stack of other proposals they receive.

There are a lot of resources on this website that will help you to develop those offers. In this blog, I’ve distilled it down to the most important ones. It’s probably 90 minutes of reading/viewing, but there is no question it will affect your approach in one way or another.

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Video resource

Sponsorship Proposal Basics in About 10 Minutes

Recommended blogs

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4 Warning Signs Your Sponsorship Proposals Suck

Sponsorship Proposal Hack: The “Invention Test”

Don’t Send a Sponsorship Proposal Until You Read This

The Problem with Sponsorship Levels

29 Ways to Ensure You Don’t Sell Sponsorship

The Rejection Letter Sponsors Wish They Could Send

What to Do if a Sponsors Says, “Just Send Me a Proposal”

Sponsorship Pricing Basics

It’s Not the Size of the Sponsorship, It’s What You Do with It

Selling Multi-Brand Sponsorship: The Cheat Sheet

The New Swear Words of Sponsorship

Corporate Sponsorship SAQ (Should-Ask Questions)

Lessons from the Worst Sponsorship Proposal I Ever Got

Psychographics: A Critical Building Block for Sponsorship Seekers

What’s the Best Layout of a Sponsorship Deck and the Acceptable Number of Pages?

Recommended other reading

These are a few key blogs about sponsorship leverage. They are aimed at corporate sponsors, but if you can understand what they are trying to accomplish and how they can do that, you will be able to build those leverage ideas into your offers and make them really compelling.

For Maximum Impact, Forget the Event, Concentrate on the Event Experience

Asking the Wrong Questions: Sponsorship by the Numbers

Five Ways Sponsors Abuse the Privilege

White papers and templates

Last Generation Sponsorship – downloaded over 700,000 times!

Generic Inventory – A template for sponsorship seekers

Cheat Sheet: Marketing Terms a Sponsorship Seeker Must Know


The Sponsorship Seeker’s Toolkit 4th Edition

This is the benchmark and industry bestseller. It will bring you through the whole sponsorship process. Every step of the way is supported by checklists, templates, and tools, and it’s accompanied by a CD-Rom with around 20 templates.

Power Sponsorship resources

If you find yourself needing additional support, I can help! There are a range of services that may assist you, including:

Please note, I will NOT broker sponsorships (sell sponsorship on your behalf).

Drop me a line on kim@powersponsorship.com if you’d like to discuss any of these. I’m based in Australia, but work with clients on six continents, so please don’t let the location stop you!

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