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I’m Kim Skildum-Reid and I’m a corporate sponsorship strategist, trainer, speaker, and author. I truly love best practice sponsorship, and helping my clients and the industry get the most from this amazing marketing medium is my mission.

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Sponsorship and Social Media: Getting It Right

A question I get a lot is why I don’t address specific how-tos on using social media with sponsorship – some kind of step-by-step formula for social media success. The answer to that is pretty simple: There is no formula. It’s not about a formula. We all know how social media works; people follow you, you provide compelling content and interesting experiences, those followers engage. It’s a very powerful tool for leveraging sponsorship, and sponsorship is a very powerful tool to foster that engagement. HOW you engage with sponsorship, however, isn’t something that can be done using a formula, no matter who tells you otherwise. If you know how best practice sponsorship works, social media […] Read More

Now Booking North American Sponsorship Training and Strategy Sessions – ONLY TWO DATES REMAIN AVAILABLE

Although I work in North America regularly, it’s generally for individual clients who fly me across from Australia. That travel can be costly, so this approach isn’t for everyone. So, for the first time in a few years, I’m going to be in North America and available for multiple client bookings in one trip. Clients will split the estimated total cost of travel, making it very cost effective. UPDATE: I am now almost fully booked for this trip, with only two dates remaining available. 13 January – Minneapolis/St Paul area only 18 January – Toronto area only I am available for: In-house training In-house strategy sessions I am also very happy to work with you […] Read More

6 Ways Sponsors Can Be Jerks, Without Even Knowing

This blog is for all the sponsors out there. And no, I don’t think you’re a bunch of jerks. Not at all. But there are some things that a lot sponsors do that unintentionally cause more strife for sponsorship seekers than is really necessary. Below is a list, as well as some suggestions for how you can achieve your own goals efficiently while keeping your sponsorship karma intact. Beating around the bush I know you don’t want to disappoint people, but it really isn’t helping a sponsee if you’re indirect. Don’t imply there’s a glimmer of hope, if there’s not. If the answer is “no”, just say “No”. Don’t tell a prospective sponsee that all […] Read More

The Zero Guilt Trip Guide to Raising More Cultural Sponsorship

I came across an article entitled, “Sponsorship is Dead! Long Live Corporate Cultural Responsibility” a couple of months ago. It’s a massive disservice to cultural sponsorship, and it irritated me that much that it’s taken me until now to compose myself enough to blog about it. According to this article, cultural sponsorship is about “publicity, the over-simplistic marketing principle that underlies any sponsorship agreement”, which it’s 100% not. It then goes on to contend that the sponsorship market is shrinking, which it’s also not. Then there’s this bit about how if companies support something that is trustworthy (the arts), people will see the company as more trustworthy. Given that image transfer – the idea that an […] Read More

Can’t Keep Up? 5 Ways to Simplify Sponsorship Servicing

Back when I started in this business, sponsor servicing was almost non-existent. Properties (usually) delivered the benefits, then the next time a sponsor would hear from them was when the renewal request came through. Then, there was a long period when sponsor servicing was primarily about kissing the arse of your key contact. All it required was some VIP invites, a meet-and-greet with someone famous, and a few long lunches and everyone was happy. Until you tried to renew and there was someone new in the role. Thankfully, a lot has changed, and sponsees have realised that after-sale servicing is a critical factor for… Ensuring the sponsor gets a great result from the sponsorship Ensuring the […] Read More

How to Get Internal Buy-In for a Diamond-in-the-Rough Sponsorship

We’ve all been there. You’ve got a proposal for a sponsorship with “potential”, but you know getting it over the line will be next to impossible. Maybe there’s a ton of relevance for your target market, but the property is new and untried. Maybe you can think of a million great angles for leverage, but the property isn’t super-sexy. Or maybe your company just has a fixed idea of what a “major sponsorship” looks like. Some sponsorship opportunities are amazing, with the value absolutely apparent to anyone who sees the proposal. But there are also many diamonds-in-the-rough that could do amazing things for your brand, if you can get the buy in. What you […] Read More