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The Captain Kirk Guide to Breaking Sponsorship Rules

I can admit it: I’m a nerd. I love science fiction, hate JarJar Binks, and have stood in my back garden with my daughter, waving at the International Space Station as it’s flown overhead on dozens of occasions. So, when I thought of writing a blog about breaking sponsorship’s rules, for me, there could be no better parallel than Captain Kirk and the Kobayashi Maru. For the uninitiated, this is a test given to prospective Starfleet captains. It involves rescuing the neutronic fuel carrier, Kobayashi Maru, from the Klingon neutral zone. It’s made to be unwinnable, and yet Kirk beat the test. How? He broke the rules and changed the game. Winning in sponsorship isn’t […] Read More

5 Sponsorship Negotiation Mistakes that Hurt Your Bottom Line (and Make You Look Dumb)

You’ve got a sponsor interested in your property. You must have done a few things right, and congratulations for that. Unfortunately, “interested” does not equal “contract”, and the path from one to the other can be anything but a straight line. It’s pretty typical that there is a bit of back and forth. Can we do this? Can you offer that? On and on. You just keep beavering through it until you’ve got a deal you can both live with and then formalise it. There are, however, a few mistakes you can make that can make you look like you really don’t know what you’re doing, and others that will undermine your financial success. These […] Read More

Struggling to Sell Sponsorship? Stop Blaming the Economy!

I’ve just come off the back of a set of workshops where a number of sponsorship seekers were complaining about the lack of sponsorship available in the marketplace. Opinion seemed to be split between whether that was because sponsorship hasn’t recovered since the Global Financial Crisis eight years ago, or whether it’s because sponsors are only interested in “big sport”. While I understand the desire to want to find a scapegoat, neither of these is in any way true. If you’re struggling to sell sponsorship, you need to stop blaming the economy and stop blaming sponsors for your lack of success. Sponsors are investing a lot of money in sponsorship of all kinds, they’re just […] Read More

What is the Real Job of a Professional Sportsperson?

I’ve spent a lot of the past couple of years yelling at ESPN… and Fox Sports… and Deadspin. As a sponsorship consultant, I try to stay across at least the bigger stories in global sports, but the continuous flow of player scandals has made that the bloody most depressing part of my job. Across sports and around the world, the arrests and drugs and cheating and domestic violence seems to be reaching ridiculous proportions. The National Rugby League, here in Australia, seems to reel from one instance of player bad behaviour to another. And don’t get me started on the NFL, which seems to have absolutely no interest in doing anything meaningful to rub out […] Read More

Why Using Sponsorship for Data Acquisition is a Bad Idea

Sponsors around the world are becoming preoccupied with data acquisition – to the point where it is a primary goal of many sponsorship strategies.  This is a big mistake. I’m not saying data acquisition is a bad thing – far from it. Adding to and rounding out your databases is clearly raising the usefulness and value of a major marketing tool. But making it a focal point of a sponsorship program has some major flaws that could damage, not enhance, your results. It pushes the “cynic” button Best practice sponsorship is all about providing small, meaningful wins to lots of people – lots of “fans” of whatever you’re sponsoring. (For more on best practice, read […] Read More

The One Critical Skill Most Sponsorship Professionals Lack

Sponsorship isn’t easy. It’s complex and sophisticated and it requires many very specific skills to do it well. But there is one skill that I have found to be the most consistently lacking across sponsorship professionals on both sides of the equation: They have forgotten what it’s like to be a fan. They haven’t forgotten about the fans. Not at all. Sponsors want to connect with them and influence them. Sponsorship seekers know their fanbase is their most valuable asset. But valuing the fans as customers or commodities is not the same as understanding and valuing the fan experience. Forgetting what it’s like to be a fan is epidemic in our industry. We can’t go to […] Read More