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I’m Kim Skildum-Reid and I’m a corporate sponsorship strategist, trainer, speaker, and author. I truly love best practice sponsorship, and helping my clients and the industry get the most from this amazing marketing medium is my mission.

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Why Using Sponsorship for Data Acquisition is a Bad Idea

Sponsors around the world are becoming preoccupied with data acquisition – to the point where it is a primary goal of many sponsorship strategies.  This is a big mistake. I’m not saying data acquisition is a bad thing – far from it. Adding to and rounding out your databases is clearly raising the usefulness and value of a major marketing tool. But making it a focal point of a sponsorship program has some major flaws that could damage, not enhance, your results. It pushes the “cynic” button Best practice sponsorship is all about providing small, meaningful wins to lots of people – lots of “fans” of whatever you’re sponsoring. (For more on best practice, read […] Read More

The One Critical Skill Most Sponsorship Professionals Lack

Sponsorship isn’t easy. It’s complex and sophisticated and it requires many very specific skills to do it well. But there is one skill that I have found to be the most consistently lacking across sponsorship professionals on both sides of the equation: They have forgotten what it’s like to be a fan. They haven’t forgotten about the fans. Not at all. Sponsors want to connect with them and influence them. Sponsorship seekers know their fanbase is their most valuable asset. But valuing the fans as customers or commodities is not the same as understanding and valuing the fan experience. Forgetting what it’s like to be a fan is epidemic in our industry. We can’t go to […] Read More

Do You Really Need a Sponsorship Policy?

Sponsorship is an exciting, vibrant, creative, and ever-changing industry. We’re lucky to be a part of it. But like all jobs, there are parts that are definitely less sexy than others. Right at the bottom of that list is creating a sponsorship policy. But just because it’s one of the least sexy parts of this job doesn’t mean it’s optional, because whether you’re a sponsor or a sponsorship seeker, a strong policy is like a giant, sponsorship safety net that will make your life and your job much easier. Policy vs strategy You need both a sponsorship strategy and a sponsorship policy. Many organisations on both sides of the equation try to wedge both of […] Read More

5 Warning Signs Your Sponsorship Has Passed Its Use-By Date

Sponsorships get stale. And when they get stale, they don’t work. What was a great sponsorship or an awesome leverage idea several years ago, may be well past prime now, requiring a total overhaul – if it can be saved at all. Below, I’ve outlined some of the biggest warning signs that a sponsorship has passed its use-by date, as well as some strategies you can take to fix or mitigate the negative impact on your results. You’re using last year’s leverage plan as a template for this year’s plan For me, this is one of the biggest red flags. If you find yourself using basically the same leverage plan every year, with maybe a […] Read More

7 Lies Media Tell about Sponsorship

Media is a tough business, and it’s getting tougher every day. With declining revenues and, in so many cases, staff reductions, fewer people are expected to do a good job covering more subjects and more stories. Books and blogs about getting media coverage are always telling marketers to take advantage of their overwork and provide stories that journalists can simply cut-and-paste, making their job easy and making it more likely that the angle you want covered will, in fact, be the angle taken. The problem with all of that is that sponsorship is a sophisticated, nuanced media, and has advanced well beyond being able to encapsulate its impact in some neat, headline-friendly number. It’s about passions, […] Read More

The New Swear Words of Sponsorship: Sponsor Edition

A few months ago, I wrote a blog on The New Swear Words of Sponsorship for sponsorship seekers. Since then, I’ve been in a lot of meetings and training with sponsors, and realised that they have their own swear words – words that are totally counterproductive to getting good sponsorship results, but somehow continue to be in heavy rotation at sponsors around the world. So, in the interests of fairness, here they are. “Seen to be…” “We want to be seen to be giving back to the community.” “We want to be seen to be a friendly, helpful brand.” “We want to be seen to be a big player.” MAN, I hate that phrase! The […] Read More